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Welcome to the global online learning & resource hub for cellular agriculture. Here you can access a suits of online learning material and resources.

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Cellular Agriculture Australia

Welcome to your learning community for cellular agriculture in Australia. Here you can access Australia’s first online learning course in cellular agriculture to building your knowledge on the fundamental science and nascent industry in Australia.

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Novel Food Regulation in Australia

Leverage our resources to improve your food safety regulation process for cellular agriculture products in Australia. Here you can access a suite of online learning material, dossier templates, and step-by-step guidance material to help you prepare for your submission to FSANZ.

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Cultivate Tomorrow Hackathon

Powered by Nucleate Cultivate

This learning community has been created for the annual cohorts of the Cultivate Tomorrow Hackathon. We hope you will use this resource to educate yourself on various aspects of the cellular agriculture industry and apply this knowledge to your final projects and proposals.

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